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Bounce Rating

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Bounce Rating

Bounce Rating (also know as Bounce Rate) is a marketing term often used in reference to Internet Marketing with regard to the analysis of Web Traffic. It is generally considered a representation of the percentage of visitors who enter your website and then leave directly from the page on which they landed. However if a visitor continues to another page on your website instead of leaving that represents a lowering of the bounce rate percentage and is known as a click through.

It can also be considered that 'Bounce Rate' is a measurement of the effectiveness of the marketing potential or value of your landing pages and their ability to satisfy the visitors search requirements, as landing pages are generally setup to match search related marketing. Bounce Rate is measured as a proportion of website visitors that end their visit on the page they arrived on. In other words they either close the browser window or they type in an alternative URL/Website to visit.

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Our Exit-Prevention-Software monitors and determines the visitors actions and if it detects that they are about to leave it triggers the 'Exit Conversion Pop Up'. (it is not a classic popup - as they are often/usually blocked by browsers) Our popup is coded as an overlay of the current page and is completely interactive. Depending on the level of subscription you setup the 'Exit Grabber' coded within our API allows you to render specific marketing offers or product specials to the visitor before they leave. It also sets up and creates the ability to capture their contact details before they leave. Depending on how you market your products or services you may choose to offer visitors entry into competitions or draws, both of which can be used to entice the visitor into submitting an email address or mobile phone number.

Our Software can become the first line of defense against a high bounce-rating and also become one of your primary website-marketing tools. By monitoring how visitors engage with the exit-grabbing software, you will be able to make a total analysis your web traffic and adjust your marketing accordingly. If you already have Google-Analytics on your website you will already have an indicator of your current bounce-rating. By adding our software to your websites artillery you should notice a significant drop in bounce rate, and also receive data from the visitors interacting directly with the exit-conversion software. In effect, our system can return some monitoring of bounce rating along with the tracking of user interactions with the software.

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By monitoring the bounce-rate of your landing pages you can determine the effectiveness and or performance of your search-marketing compared to the landing pages content and marketing value. All of this is governed and somewhat controlled by the general structure of your website and the type of activity and or business that your website is attributed with.

More information regarding the specifics, formulas and caveats relating to Bounce-Rating can easily be found by searching Google. Our system is designed to assist you in reducing your bounce rates and to act as an extension to any existing marketing tools that you may already be using. The marketing potential for our software is only limited by your imagination and your ability to create seamless alternative marketing copy for all of your websites pages..

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Managing your websites bounce rates is only the tip of the iceberg when you truly envisage the full potential of our Subscription Software API. The possibilities go far beyond that of a simple pop-up. Our software can be customised in so many ways it difficult to imagine them all with one short train of though. We can and will meet any businesses special needs and look forward to meeting any bouncy websites challenge.

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