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Exit Conversion Sample Links

Welcome Visitor to our Sample and Demonstration area. This page and other pages linked within this category demonstrate some 'variations of the theme' available when using our subscription Software-Service.

Click here to trigger this page's Pop-Up instantly. Each sample page contains this 'Instant launch' button which enables instant access to the Pop-Up. This optional functionality can be used on any page within your site by using onclick="exitConv.showBox()" code on any HTML element.

Each page demonstrates a different way you can use our software-application. Each page also uses the method required to link an instance of this software to a particular URL.

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Its also demonstrates our subscription-services ability to become a powerful marketing tool allowing individualised and targeted extended web data to be shown on individual pages within your website.

This pages show the 'Dual Content' version available for the paid Private and Business subscriptions...

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