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Rebond Note

Rebond Note

Bounce Rating (also know as Bounce Rate) is a marketing term often used in reference to Internet Marketing with regard to the analysis of Web Traffic. It is generally considered a representation of the percentage of visitors who enter your website and then leave directly from the page on which they landed. However if a visitor continues to another page on your website instead of leaving that represents a lowering of the bounce rate percentage and is known as a click through.

It can also be considered that 'Bounce Rate' is a measurement of the effectiveness of the marketing potential or value of your landing pages and their ability to satisfy the visitors search requirements, as landing pages are generally setup to match search related marketing. Bounce Rate is measured as a proportion of website visitors that end their visit on the page they arrived on. In other words they either close the browser window or they type in an alternative URL/Website to visit.

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Our Exit-Prevention-Software monitors and determines the visitors actions and if it detects that they are about to leave it triggers the 'Exit Conversion Pop Up'. (it is not a classic popup - as they are often/usually blocked by browsers) Our popup is coded as an overlay of the current page and is completely interactive. Depending on the level of subscription you setup the 'Exit Grabber' coded within our API allows you to render specific marketing offers or product specials to the visitor before they leave. It also sets up and creates the ability to capture their contact details before they leave. Depending on how you market your products or services you may choose to offer visitors entry into competitions or draws, both of which can be used to entice the visitor into submitting an email address or mobile phone number.

Our Software can become the first line of defense against a high bounce-rating and also become one of your primary website-marketing tools. By monitoring how visitors engage with the exit-grabbing software, you will be able to make a total analysis your web traffic and adjust your marketing accordingly. If you already have Google-Analytics on your website you will already have an indicator of your current bounce-rating. By adding our software to your websites artillery you should notice a significant drop in bounce rate, and also receive data from the visitors interacting directly with the exit-conversion software. In effect, our system can return some monitoring of bounce rating along with the tracking of user interactions with the software.

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By monitoring the bounce-rate of your landing pages you can determine the effectiveness and or performance of your search-marketing compared to the landing pages content and marketing value. All of this is governed and somewhat controlled by the general structure of your website and the type of activity and or business that your website is attributed with.

More information regarding the specifics, formulas and caveats relating to Bounce-Rating can easily be found by searching Google. Our system is designed to assist you in reducing your bounce rates and to act as an extension to any existing marketing tools that you may already be using. The marketing potential for our software is only limited by your imagination and your ability to create seamless alternative marketing copy for all of your websites pages..

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Managing your websites bounce rates is only the tip of the iceberg when you truly envisage the full potential of our Subscription Software API. The possibilities go far beyond that of a simple pop-up. Our software can be customised in so many ways it difficult to imagine them all with one short train of though. We can and will meet any businesses special needs and look forward to meeting any bouncy websites challenge.

To join in on a dedicated Bounce Rate and Marketing Forum please visit the Bounce Rating Website.

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À Propos De Nous

Sur la Conversion de Sortie

Exit Conversion may been know by many names. Exit Grabber, Exit Controller, Exit Converter, Exit Killer, Exit Stopper, Bounce Stopper, Bounce Killer, Bounce Rate Reduction, Landing Page Extender and the list goes on.

Whatever name you may wish to call and know this Software Service by, the end result is the same. Increased page views for your website, which in turn translates to increased sales and and increased profit for your online business, an increase in consecutive page views and a reduction in your websites overall bounce-rating or bounce-rate.

The application available here is knows as a Software Subscription Service. It works by applying a small amount of code into your websites page/pages usually facilitated by installing the appropriate plugin/module into your web platform. Our Software Service can run on any website - without any limitations. If for some reason your system is not currently supported, its just a matter of letting us know, and we will have our developers create the code required for your type of framework or platform. We can fast-track code production for any genuine requests.

At the time of writing, our code can be applied into the following systems:

  • Stand Alone Webpages
  • Custom Frameworks that use a single entry point
  • Joomla ( Module )
  • Drupal ( Module )
  • Wordpress ( Plugin )
  • OpenCart ( Module )
  • Custom Code can be created on request (in some cases a coding fee may be charged)
  • Installation Assistance ( $50 AUD )

Exit Conversions` software in easy to use, and fully documented, and various levels of support is available according to the type of account you choose to use. Extended support can also be purchased as an extra accessory. Access to our Software System starts at the 'Free' level. Paid subscriptions are based on a calendar monthly and billed monthly via recurring billing.  We also offer yearly access subscriptions and for your convenience we can meet almost any subscription variation on request.

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This Website is part of the MasterForms Mobile & Web Group © Exit Conversion 2015 All Rights Reserved

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Conversion De Sortie

Bienvenue à Conversion De Sortie

Congratulations! You can finally breathe a sigh of relief. You have just discovered the best tool available to lower your websites 'bounce rating', and to increase your online business profit margin. But that's just the start of it. Our system is also a powerful marketing tool. Our 'Business level subscription' allows you to target each page on your website with individualised marketing data. Perhaps you just need to capture feedback? Or maybe setup a poll.. With our system, you can have targeted marketing content delivered to your website visitors regardless of the page they visit.

Exit-Conversion is a Software Subscription Service application which is easy to install and configure. Best of all, you can use a WYSIWYG editor to add your data which means no messing about with code. Data can be delivered from a variety or sources, including YouTube.  To make installation easy, we have many ready to go modules and plugins for a variety of platforms and frameworks and the list is constantly expanding.

Our software-service, also know as a Bounce Stopper out-performs all the competitors. Just like Exit Grabber our application grabs the visitors attention when it determines they may be leaving the website. Our system is the only bounce protector which logs all activity, enables easy modification and updating of the HTML content used within your app instance, captures data submitted by visitors and best of all, uses only a small footprint of code.

Exit Conversion (sometimes called Exit Controller because it controls page exits) converts potential website exits into alternative page views, and gives you the added potential of directing your visitors directly to special offers or promotions which they may otherwise have missed. It's not uncommon for website visitors to leave a site because the page they've landed on does not have what they are looking for. Even the best landing pages can leave visitors feeling like they have followed the wrong search result link.

By using our Exit Grabber system you can catch the visitors attention with an unobtrusive popup which doesn't break any accepted web usage policies. Exit Conversions code is 100% web friendly and it is very intuitive in its operation, unlike its primary competitor. Our system detects and stores your visitors previous actions and fades into the background when the visitors interactions have been accepted. In other words, its never going to be an annoying addition to your website like the competition.

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Exit Conversion can give your 'web based business' the following benefits and extended functionality:

  • Lower your websites bounce-rating by capturing the attention of visitors that may be about to close the page or type in a new URL.
  • Capture contact information from visitors to assist in your secondary marketing strategy.
  • Market promotional material and special offers directly to visitors before they leave your website.
  • Increase your websites business potential by keeping the visitors interested.
  • Give total control to the business owner of a unique and powerful marketing tool.
  • Increase your potential sales and market share.
  • The marketing possibility's are endless, and therefore this list could go on and on.
  • Capture 'Feed-Back' before a visitor leaves your website.
  • Poll your visitors to help improve your online business.
  • Add visitors into competitions or prize draws.
  • If you need it, we can include it, and its all managed from within well documented administrative areas.

By using one of our Software-Service-Subscription you can drastically lower you websites 'bounce rating' and by using Exit Conversion you'll convert all visitors into sale or a marketing target, today and forever more.

Exit Conversion gives you total control, with 3 different account types to put the power into your hands. Try our Bounce Controller Software for free, and when you see the benefits, you will no doubt want to upgrade to one of the two paid subscription types. The subscription service is monthly, and automatically defaults back to the 'free version' should your paid-subscription run dry. In that way your website is never running without at least the minimum benefit available by using our exit-controller software.

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Not convinced, see the software in action by moving your cursor up to the top of the screen. This website uses our software and has since its debut. try it out - leave us your details and we'll send you a copy of our sites statistics including our bounce-rating stats as calculated by Google. Check out the competition - we are sure you'll be back to sign up.

Our Software Service currently has 4 flavors.

  • Free: Limited to one segment of HTML which you generate with our WYSIWYG editor and is restricted to text and or content from your websites domain - can be used on any or all pages on your website - captured data (Email and or Mobile) can only be stored within our system
  • Private: Same as above, and adds the capability of displaying external content from other domains (link YouTube) - captured data can be redirected to pages or scripts within your websites domain - enables the 'Secondary Heading and Content' within the main instance to allow a variation in the displayed HTML according to conditions set in the configuration (alternative page or second activation or dual content from alternative sources)
  • Business: Same as above, and adds the ability to create multiple versions of the application to enable different exit plans for individual pages with your website. This version makes every page within your website a powerful marketing tool and provides the most complete bounce-protection available on the web.
  • Enterprise: All of the above, however extends your capacity to up to 10 APIKEY for individual Domain management. This level is equivalent to 10x Business level subscription. Best suited to individuals or businesses that provide IT content and or Marketing management services for multiple customer. This service has a base starter level with flexibility for expansion to manage a larger client base.
  • Coming Soon: Reseller Accounts...

All versions of our Bounce Prevention Software Service offer the same level of bounce-rate reduction, but, as you go up in subscription level the marketing potential increases exponentially, and through that your global bounce-rating is set to dive.

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Remember, its important to understand that our application is a Software Subscription Service application driven by remote API (Application Programing Interface). Its not just some JavaScript that you have to add into your websites code. Its going to be the Website Visitor Grabber that stops all website Exits! Your bounce-rate will bounce into history never to be seen again.


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