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Full Questionnaire / Ratings Style Standalone Feedback Form Sample

This page is linked to an instance of our Exit Controlling software which will generate a Full Q&A Style Feedback Form. These full-featured Feedback Forms can only be setup as a Stand Alone item. In stand-alone mode all feedback forms will use the 'default Heading and default Text Content' sections which are usually used for the Pop-Up data.

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Standalone feedback-forms can be a simple/basic or a full questionnaire type. To use this type of Full-Questionnaire type of feedback-form you must have a paid-subscription (either Private or Business). Free subscriptions are limited to the Simple/Basic feedback-forms which can be used as stand-alone or additional type.

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Only Simple Feedback forms can be 'added' to your standard Pop-Up data,and will be placed as the last item within the Pop-Up. The Full/Questionnaire type of form can only be used as stand-alone (by itself) and also requires one of the paid subscriptions to be active.

Data submitted by feedback forms (and the contact stub) is stored in your account and is always available for you to access, regardless of subscription type. If you have a paid subscription which lapses into a free version you will still be able to access all of your saved feedback and contact submissions.

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