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Welcome to our Exit Grabber Information Page

An 'Exit Grabber' is another description for our 'Exit Grabbing' application, however, we go by a different name. We like to think that our Software Service is more like an exit controller or an exit convertor. Another apt description would be that it's a Bounce Rating fixer. However you look at it, its an exit-grabber system like no other. Our application is far superior than any other software or code that attempts to do the same task.

Our system is very adaptive and has many configuration options to help you fine tune the API to work seamlessly with your website. The code is small compared to others and the operating benefits are far greater than anything else out there. Our Grabber grabs visitors attention when it has detected that they may be about to leave your website. The exit-grabbing code has options that put the interactivity levels under your control as the administrator.

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Try it for free, and when you see the benefits you will no doubt be tempted to upgrade to our fully featured Business level subscription, which turns the application into a powerful marketing tool - like no other. With our business level subscription each page can be setup with its own marketing strategy and the displayed data can be individualised for every page. No other application offers the same kind of power..

Our Exit Grabber grabs the attention of visitors at that critical point when they have lost interest and provides a means to place offers, specials and your most important information right there for the website visitor to see and interact with. Its a win win situation for you, for your Bounce Rating statistics and for your Marketing Team. Your business will thrive and your website will become your best marketing tool.

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Its easy to setup, and for 99% websites there is no need to get involved in any kind of code or coding. We already have modules and plugins available for all the popular web frameworks. Sign up today....

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